Do you know one of the most amazing things that baffle both the common folks and the medical science fraternity? The way humans communicate! Never noticed it before? Well, the next time just observe a baby trying to speak. It’s fascinating how we start connecting with other humans to transfer some information or receive it. Some get a double portion of it by nature and some others start to develop the skills, the communication skills.

Communication skill is an asset. Period. It has the power to change the world! Whether a lawyer, a stand-up comedian or a politician, they all make a living off of it. Self-help gurus have made a fortune selling material on helping others become good at public speaking skills, thus becoming effective communicators.

The irony of communication is that we often get into trouble for the very reason. There are those who lose their positions because of political incorrectness or lose opportunities over a failed interview being termed “incompetent” or couples facing a divorce because of misunderstanding. It gets one to wonder-what went wrong?

Well, effective communication is a chaos free structure. It works on certain general principles. Working on building this pattern helps in communicating with clarity for the desired impact!


The speaker has to pay attention to several factors. Who the listener is, where the conversation is happening, if the time is right, what is the content of the message and why it should be communicated are all determining factors of effective communication. It has to be understood before the topic is addressed.


This in one area which is missed by miles. Effective communicators structure their response based on what they have heard the other say. Hence their approach will be more comprehensive and logical.

Staying on Point

Distractions ad deviations from the topic at hand is quite common in any discussion. An effective communicator keeps a check on deviations frequently and tries to steer the conversation back to the main issue. This required the individual to be aware of themselves, the others involved and the topic itself throughout the discussion.

Body Language

This is a major indicator of how effectively the information being passed on is being received. A strong positive body language helps the audience keep their focus on the speaker. This is a skill and has to be developed consciously if one does not possess it. Acquiring presentation skills through body language can really help one in improving communication skills.


The topic discussed has to have a structure in being presented. An introduction to it with a defined context, the main idea to be passed on and a closure on it is important. If it is to end ambiguously on an interrogative note, that too must be within a sensible frame of the topic. Extra attention has to be paid if all aspects were covered so there is no room for confusion.


If in case something is being miscommunicated or misunderstood immediate action has to be taken in order to ensure it is corrected and clarified. Not dealing with it immediately leaves room for misinterpretation and assumptions. This is counterproductive to all parties involved. Quick clarification is always best.


A good communicator thrives on feedback, positive or negative. They have to gauge how good or lacking the discussion was. This helps in self-assessment and they can raise the bar for themselves every time.

Keeping this structure in mind helps you build on a discussion from foundation to the roof! When it is based on principles it will not fall or look confusing. It will be clear and will define the purpose of the discussion and will ensure that you pass for an effective communicator!

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