Board exams in India are lurking close. Exam times are stressful for students as well as their parents. Children feel that they are are not doing enough and may end up disappointing their parents and themselves, whereas the parents worry about their ward’s future lest they fare poorly. Most of the average student feels a tad nervous before any test which is quite normal, but then there are some who seriously panic as soon as study period sets in. To win the battle against exam stress, here are some hacks to.

Here are some ways to reduce exam stress:

  • Eat well

Most students either lose their appetite before exams or end up eating too much. A balanced diet is what will help here. Many students often binge on chips, colas, chocolates during late night studies which adds on extra sugars that can make them irritable and moody. If your study plans run well into the night, munch on fruits like bananas, apples etc or a small portion of your favourite salad and follow it by making a heavy breakfast in the morning to begin your routine.

  • Get adequate sleep

Research proves that 8-10 hours of good sleep is necessary for optimum mental health. For a student, it is all the more necessary to increase mind power and concentration that will help cope with exam stress. Make sure you wind up everything at least 30 minutes before you hit the bed.

  • Exercise or play a competitive sport

Exams are all about acing the competition ― to succeed against a fixed standard. To experience something similar, try challenging yourself to achieve a parallel physical target for your study target. Play a competitive sport or set an exercise goal to get that sense of competitiveness. It is proven that exercise helps with coping with anxiety and exam stress. Start with a small target like walking a kilometre every day or swimming 10 laps and gradually increase as per your fitness levels. If you can get past this, you can definitely clear your exams.

  • Talk it out

Parents should talk to their children reminding them that some amount of jitters is perfectly normal and to not take much stress. Life is so much more than topping an exam. Parents must encourage their children to express their anxieties and other worries that are building up inside them so that they can be positively motivated.

  • Keep gadgets away

In today’s age of tech, we are constantly with the phones, tablets and other gadgets. Overuse of these electronic devices can get in the way of finishing the study deadlines which will cut up your revision time and also heavily compromise on sleep. The safer bet is to limit daily use. Your latest FB status update can definitely wait.

Follow these tips and do your best in upcoming exams! Good Luck!

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