Well, 2016 was indeed a crappy year for most of us, and now that we are in the final few days, a new resolution is in order. Some of us have made the usual weight loss and diet plans, which are great to start the new year, but most plans get dashed even before January is over. To overcome these hurdles, here are a few practical new year health tips and weight loss tips for a healthier you in 2017.

  • Take initiative

Even the best diet plan will fail you if there is no motivation from your end. To get yourself on the fitness wagon, you must resist every temptation and urge to not give in to your cravings. It is time to say goodbye to that Nutella and Dark chocolate ice cream you so love.

  • No fad diets

Resorting to diet plans that promise quick weight   is  one the perennial “top 10 new year’s resolutions”. No matter what is written on the internet, fad diets do not work. Make a healthy diet plan. Opt for healthy diets that provide the necessary nutrition and not just the calories. Go off the one high calorie food that you indulge in most often- ice cream or alcohol or french fries or colas- pick your poison. Eating healthy does no harm to anyone.

  • Eat more home cooked meals

Your health lies in the fridge and not at the gym. No matter what meal it is, ensure that it is home cooked. Prepare healthy food recipes with eggs for breakfast or try some muesli or oats. Eat more veggies for lunch and dinner and do not hesitate for seconds. Eating healthy home food is always good

  • Tone your hips

Your office job may tie you down. Sitting for longer hours at work tightens your hip flexors which may be undesirable when it comes to training. Try exercise workouts to tone your hips and lower body.

  • Keep moving

There comes a time when you have lost weight in the gym and suddenly your weight loss graph plateaus. You may not see results despite pushing too hard on the bench press. You need a makeover in terms of a new fitness and a diet plan to start losing  excess weight.

  • Go for regular health check ups

Visit your doctor for a complete health check up to keep tab on your health, especially when you haven’t visited your physician in a while. Regular checkups with your family doctor and your dentist can help you catch any illnesses at an earlier stage.

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