Lets face it, we all want to look young. The moment the dreaded 30s start approaching, it’s all about anti ageing creams and oils. You may not stop ageing, but you can definitely slow down the process. The first step in looking young and ageless is to eat right. Our nutritionist experts have chiselled down the 6 best anti aging foods that reverse the signs of ageing.

  • Go for Green tea

green-teaIf there is one magical ingredient that can actually reverse your ageing process then it simply has to be green tea. One chinese study showed that regular consumption of green tea can make your cells age slower. The antioxidants and flavonoids in the green tea seem to be the secret behind this amazing phenomenon. Green tea also makes for an excellent antioxidant moisturiser. Don’t believe us? Just dab a cotton ball dipped in green tea and you’ll be flooded with compliments in no time.

  • Go nuts on Strawberries

strawberry1You can never go wrong with strawberries. These scrumptious little fruits are packed with antioxidants- that can turn back the clock on your ageing skin. One of the best anti aging foods for skin, these are loaded with vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that will keep the wrinkles at bay. Eating a handful of strawberries during the season can give you that crimson red glow you can only have imagine.

  • Tomatoes

tomatoLycopene is the key ingredient in tomatoes that helps to keep the skin smooth and prevent sunburns. Heating or mashing tomatoes helps in increasing the levels of lycopene. This anti ageing food wonder is also useful in preventing certain types of cancer like prostate cancer and lung cancer. Our tip : Eat them cooked.

  • Coffee

coffee2Packed with antioxidants, your morning cup of Joe is also your anti-ageing formula. The antioxidants fight free radicals that bring dullness and fine lines to the skin. Not just that, coffee is also an amazing brain booster and is known to fight diseases like Alzheimer’s and  . Next time, order a double espresso and drop the decaf.

  • Cocoa

cocoa1It is always believed that eating too much chocolate can give you acne. This is not true. There are no studies that make this connection, in fact eating chocolate is actually be good for you. Cocoa seeds from which chocolate is made, contain epicatechin that helps in increasing oxygen and blood supply that can improve skin texture.

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