You need a personal food stylist you say? How else do you explain a gain of 3 kilos despite following a low carb – low fat diet for months? You know your favorite dress doesn’t fit anymore despite all the dieting, but scientists have found a flaw in your genes that may tell you the real reason why.

Enter the world of nutrigenomics ―a science that studies the relation between your genes and nutrition using modern genomic technology. Your DNA is made of genetic material that is identical in 99.9% of humans. The remaining changes in 0.1% of the people occur in the nucleotides -subunits of nucleic acids like DNA and RNA. Nutrigenomics includes known interaction between food and iherited genes.

Why genes matter?

  • As the genetic material is different for each individual, what we eat will also have a unique impact on our health and body. Such intricate details of nutrigenomics can be understood by gene expression ― a process by which the information coded in our genes can be used to produce proteins required for body’s repair. These genes express differently in response to various stimuli including the food we eat. So a food substance that has a healthful effect on you may have the opposite effect on another person.
  • Our genes can trigger off biochemical reactions any moment in response to many factors including food, exercise and lifestyle. Whether a particular gene will express itself or would remain ‘silent’ depends on these things. This study is called epigenetics.
  • It is impossible to alter our genetic material, but we can control the way they can be expressed. Due to genetic differences between regions, races, there cannot be one right diet for all. Canadians, Koreans, North Americans can digest more fat than those living in India or the tropics because of the geographical variation. Now you know why the French do not put on any weight despite consuming wine and cheese on a regular basis !

Nutrigenomics can offer a great deal in sports nutrition. A personalized diet plan can help athletes recover early and help improve their performance on field.

The genetic test to identify these specific genes is very simple. A simple swab from the cheek can help isolate your DNA. Based on that a particular diet plan can be styled for you by a nutrigenomics counsellor. Your genetic fingerprint can tell you which foods can make wonders with you!

However, this DNA testing kit does not come cheap. The tests may begin under Rs 1000, but prices vary from product to product.

So are you ready to know expressions of your genes for mindful eating?

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