It is never easy to order healthy when it comes to eating at a fast food joint. The so-called ‘cheat days’ we have for ourselves set in when there are special occasions that play havoc with our thought process and our diet plans. If only we could actually sort out some of the healthy fast food from the menu and stick to our healthy diet, it would lead to minimum consequences on our weight and make our eating out less guilty.

Our nutrition experts have sifted through every possible fast food joint menu to jot out the best healthy snacks on the go. They’ve also managed to look through the calorie counter and nutritional load each food will offer to ensure healthy eating. Here are the some of the healthy fast food choices you can order in or take away.


  • mcdonaldsEgg McMuffin: Ever since this burger chain introduced the breakfast menu, office goers are making the most of the Egg McMuffin. Packed with heart-healthy fatty acids, carotenoids, minerals and vitamins, the whole egg sandwich is the best choice. Tip: Skip the cheese slice. Calories : 300. Fat: 12g
  • Choose a grilled chicken wrap with no sauce on the side. Calories : 270. Fat: 9g
  • If you’re thinking of having a salad lunch at McDonald’s, ask for a chicken salad without dressing.Calories : 290. Fat: 8 g
  • Filet -O – Fish: Gorge on some moist fish dipped in tartar sauce with a thin slice of cheese sandwiched in a burger bread. Calories: 401. Fat :20 g

Pizza Hut

  • pizzahutGarden fresh salad. Choose this exotic and fresh salad of corn, cabbage, cherry tomatoes, parsley. Calories : 350.Fat: 29g
  • Cream of chicken soup :Enjoy this simmering, healthy appetizer with chunks of chicken and vegetables. Calories: 99 . Fat :2.56g
  • Classic Vanilla ice cream : Sinful and yet so delicious. Calories: 136. Fat :6.8g
  • Zesty chicken pizza : loaded with chicken, veggies and lots of cheese. Yet an extremely healthy fast food option. Calories: 138. Fat :4.38 g
  • Best tips : Choose a healthy pizza topping. Always ask for a thin crust pizza. A thin crust made with whole wheat would be an ideal choice. Add more vegetable toppings to your pizza.

Subway :

subwayFor some quick office snacks, Subway is a boon, it is always good for your diet plans. Make sure you follow up on the calorie content of the Subs you order. Most nutritional values are for 6” sub and not a footlong, ordering sandwiches with extras can add almost 800 calories.

  • Subway Veg Shammi: For Subway burger lovers, this makes for some healthy eating. Calories : 360. Fat: 6g
  • Roasted chicken: Enjoy a lightly seasoned chicken breast with baked bread and some veggies on the side. Smart. Healthy. Delicious. Calories: 375. Fat :10 g
  • Multigrain sub with veggies(without cheese): Best pick if you are running for a meeting. Packs less calories too. Calories: 230. Fat :2.5 g

Plan your meal before you order:

Whether you are hanging out with friends or enjoying a meal all by yourself, it is always wise to plan out the things you would like to eat in advance.

  • Try and make intelligent choices like skipping the extra cheese,mayo, dips. Avoid colas and soft drinks while eating out.
  • Choose a smaller portion.
  • Eat slowly.
  • Do not go for seconds. Avoid a refill.
  • Try to order according to your diet plans.

If you are on a diet, it is difficult for some to cut fast food completely. Pay utmost attention to the smaller details to eat healthy.

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