Removing body hair is a pain; for women as well as men. A lot is spoken about the lady landscape, whereas the men enjoy a more casual approach when it comes to personal grooming and hair removal. Some men prefer to use a razor to trim it down, others go full Monty with the hair removal. Though there is no such expectation on male hair being kept a particular way, but manscaping has become an important part of men’s personal hygiene routine. But what is the best way for hair removal in men?

  • Trim first

The best way for deforestation of the bulk is by giving a proper and a good shear. Since it is trimming not shaving, use a good quality hair trimmer for hair removal.  If you are planning to wax a particular body part, make sure it is trimmed down first. Trimming arms and legs are a good way to prevent skin chafing.

  • Eyebrows

There will be two of them. To begin with, invest in a good hair plucker. You may even consider waxing them if you are a fan of manicured eyebrows. Trimming is also an option: brush your brows upwards and snip the excess above the arch. Simple.

  • Nose and ear

Whether you have a moustache or a beard, if you can see walrus-like growths creeping out of your nostrils, sort them out with a trimmer. Never ever pluck nose hair – it can create a path for bacterial infections.

  • Arms, armpits and legs

Arms and legs can be easily trimmed off. Leg shaving is also a cost effective option. There’ll also be lesser chafing. A good hair plucker for the armpits will help immensely if you do not want unruly hair creeping out-out of your tees.

  • Face

When maintaining facial hair regularly, use a shaving trimmer or go for a traditional shaving using shaving cream or shaving soap and a shaving brush. For the perfect shave, double blade instead of single blade razor. Apply after shave lotion later on. If you’ve kept a beard, use shaving oil after you’ve trimmed it. Replace your razor blade every few months.

  • Chest

If you’ve been working out to get those picture perfect pecs, you’ll want to show off bare. But remember, good aesthetic balance is necessary to pull off a particular look. If you’ve trimmed your arms and legs, trim your hair. It is quite funny to have a clean waxed chest when your arms and legs are hairy.  Shaving the chest is simple and very cost effective, but it can start to itch once it grows. Use a hair trimmer for hair removal when you want a little of the topiary instead of just letting the whole thing off.

  • Back and neck

Here, waxing is much better than using a razor for hair removal as the results of waxing last for almost 6 weeks instead of 6 days for shaving. Make sure you visit a professional who would trim your hair before applying wax to remove it from the roots.

  • Pubic hair

Keeping it bushy is bad, but going bare isn’t manly. Make use of scissors to trim the hair about a quarter of an inch, followed by running a clipper and a short guard up and down the inner thighs and lightly over the scrotal area for the hair removal. Taut the skin to prevent getting any nicks or cuts.

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