Had a long day at work? Missing your old, quirkier self due to the pressures of family, money and career?  Stress and burn -out comes to us all. Most of us go through these stressors on a day to day basis. Surprisingly, very few of us manage to beat it because it takes a lot of time and effort.

Here’s how to overcome stress? Walk 5 miles each day? No, thanks! Here’s good news ㅡ you can even watch these videos for stress relief ㅡNow!

1. Meditation 

There are various ways to meditate ㅡ Zen,Chakra healing, Pranic meditation etc. Do what works best for you. Begin by lying or sitting in a comfortable position and focus only on clearing your mind from the negative thoughts. If your mind begins to wander, focus on your breathing or a particular object. Meditate for meditation opens the doors to one’s mind. Watch this video below for achieving a positive state of mind in 5 minutes.

2. Relaxing music

Some find it difficult to meditate under supervision or even by listening to pre-recorded videos. Listening to some relaxing music can help. Music therapy is one of the best forms of stress management. Just lie down on a mat while you consciously feel every muscle in your body relaxing. Listening to music is another form of meditation which helps in relaxing. Listen to this video

3. Funny animal  videos

For animal lovers, this is probably the best way to relieve stress. Laughter helps improve blood flow and relax the tension in your muscles. Many funny animal videos are making their way to the internet and they make for a hearty laugh. Time for some animal comedy? We have a funny one here.

4. Dance

Dance your troubles away with some cool Zumba  moves. Let your hair down and get grooving! The high energy moves make you want to start doing some instantly yourself, we guarantee! Check out this video.

5. Imaginations running wild

Guided imagery is another technique that has similar effects as meditation. Relax and be in a comfortable place and position. Imagine yourself in a forest or a beach imagining the sounds and smells that nature offers you while you focus on  your breath. Imagination not only helps you with mindfulness but also with relaxing your mind. This online video will help you.

So don’t let the monday blues or Wednesday weariness drag you down. Play any of these and laugh those stress lines away!





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