Finally, the day has arrived to complete the new year’s resolution you made at the beginning of 2016― buy a fitness tracker. With the gamut of high end features like bluetooth, heart rate monitoring, GPS, and sleep tracking consumers are spoilt for choice. Here is a low down on the best activity trackers of 2016.

  • Fitbit Charge 2 – Best overall activity and fitness tracker

For beginners who prefer general well being than getting all sweaty at the gym, the FitBit charge 2 fits the bill perfectly. A sleek design and a bigger OLED surface it is equipped with Smarttrack which recognizes running, cycling automatically.


More fitness features: Sleep monitoring, 24 x 7 heart rate tracking, breathing, steps

  • Misfit Ray- The simpleton

The Misfit Ray is a no-frill, easy to use workout/Fitness tracker which still manages to be stylish. Looks like a funky bracelet which can be adjusted to be worn as a necklace as well. Not to mention,it’s a cheap buy.


More fitness features: Smartphone notifications, sleep,steps

  • Jawbone UP3 – Best sleep tracker

The best buy for the habitual snoozers. This exercise tracker monitors the user’s body temperature, galvanic skin response, heart rate, respiration rate. It also gives your light, deep sleep and REM stats.


More fitness features: Steps, sleep, heart rate – active and resting

  • Xiaomi Mi Band Pulse : Best budget buy The ultimate fitness monitor which is easy on the pocket and super cheerful to look at. It manages to fit in heart rate monitoring onto the wrist at an extremely affordable price.More fitness features: Smart alarms, incoming call alert, heart rate monitor, sleep, steps1
  • Samsung Gear Fit 2 – Best for quality displayIf you are a fan of AMOLED screen displays, this one rules. With GPS and an optical heart rate tracking, the display screen is a mind boggling 432 x 216, 322 pixels per inch of screen.More fitness features: Sleep, steps, GPS, Optical heart rate1
    • FitBit Alta: The style icon

    This fitness band will make heads turn. Seriously, this tracker comes with colorful interchangeable straps that be can be worn for each day of the week. Not a dull idea.

    1More fitness features: Customized colorful bands, sleep, step, phone notifications.

    However, a study earlier this year found that fitness trackers don’t really help lose weight. Consult a nutritionist instead? Click here to talk to an expert.





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