In today’s stressful times and on-the-go lifestyle, with sleeping disorders on the rise, getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep has become truly a luxury. People today don’t seem to mind working long hours and even working overtime which gives them no time to relax. When you finally decide to end our day and crawl into bed, your eyes are wide awake, staring at the ceiling.

You are not alone. Insomnia, a medical condition of sleeplessness, makes it difficult to fall/stay asleep. Some suffer from chronic insomnia, which is associated with other health disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, wherein sufferers have problems sleeping several  times in a week.

Ensuring a good night’s sleep will help in improving immunity, prevent diabetes, sleep apnea, blood pressure and weight gain. Here’s how to get that Zzzzz back and get rid of  sleeping disorders such as insomnia, with these practical tips.

  • Counting sheep …backwardsins1

Do this age old mental exercise with a twist. Instead of counting the regular way, count your cattle backwards. Make this task even more mathematically challenging by counting them from 300 backwards in groups of 3. This will force your brain to concentrate on this instead of your worries and you will find yourself dozing off in no time.

  • Gentle yogains2

Loosen up your tightly wound up muscles by doing some light yoga moves like neck, shoulder and arm rolls. Note: Do these exercises very gently like a light warm up and not a heavy workout.The idea is to unwind your body, get it relaxed and ready to sleep and not to increase your heart rate.

  • Warm milkins4

Your grandmother was a genius. Research shows that sipping on warm milk provides calcium to the  body and stimulates the brain secrete melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates th sleep/awake cycle. Put a tasty spin by adding almond milk to it while you relax and beat the insomnia.

  • Lavender oilins3

Lavender oil is known to relax the mind and induce natural sleep. Add 5-10 drops of  this essential oil in your nightly bath to get into the snooze mode.

  • Morning workoutsins5

An early workout in the morning will put you in a deep slumber than one in the afternoon or evening. Morning workouts help release good amounts of stress relieving hormones which will help you go to bed early and keep you refreshed for the next day as well.

  • Turn off the electrical appliancesins7

Turn off all electronic gadgets like TV, phones, etc all together to ensure yourself a good night’s rest. Record your favorite TV shows or matches for later viewing and avoid all work calls until you get back to office. Keep your surroundings as dark as possible, with the exception of a small night lamp.

  • Keep your bedroom tidyins6

Your bedroom should be an abode of rest. Clean out all the clutter on the bed, the pile of clothes on the chair, empty the bin etc. Keeping your place organized can be emotionally rewarding in creating the perfect environment for sleep.

These quick fixes can help you get your snooze back and fight sleeping disorders, but if the problem still persists, speak to your physician.

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