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Your next doctor visit starts with a text. Speak to your 'Q Doctor' anywhere, anytime and discuss your health issues. Your first 60 days of 'Q Messaging' subscription is already paid for.

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Q answers anything about your health.

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Q is your personal family Physician.

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Q connects you with Specialist.


One-on-one video sessions. Private. Convenient. Affordable.

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Best Doctors and Specialists.

Visit Specialists are handpicked, certified and vetted.

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Connect within 30 minutes.

Request a Visit and start a Video session at the tap of a button.

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Private and confidential.

Get secure & private care from the comfort of your home and office.

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Free messaging.

Get timely, personal responses to questions after your Visit via Chat.


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Visit On Demand Doctors & Specialists connect over video or phone

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Visit On Demand Doctors & Specialists follow over chat


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Visit Fees

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Visit Fees


Visit Fees

A Visit on our platform includes:

Visit On Demand Doctors 45 minutes video session

Video Call session with a top Specialist.

Visit On Demand Doctors Video and Voice call

You have an option to go with a phone call.

Visit On Demand Doctors gives 7 days follow up chat

7 days of unlimited private chat with your specialist for follow up.


37% of our users tried online consultations for the first time and they loved the experience.

" Love it! Very helpful! The doctors reply in a timely manner and they always come back to check to see how you’re doing."

- Rohit Tiwari

"Dr. Malhotra is very concerned about the well being of people it’s real great quality to see that you don’t normally see"

- Jeevan Reddy

"Truely Impressed with the way the specialist treat here.The services provided here are very helpful. Go for it."

- Niharika Aggarwal

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