Another year has gone by. Almost everyone in the beginning of 2016 had made a new year resolutions list only to see each one of those new year resolutions go up in smoke. It is easy to place the blame on a poor work life balance that has left one with absolutely no time to achieve their goals. Lack of motivation is often one of the biggest reasons why most new year resolution fails. Here are some unique tips to get you out from your slumber and make 2017 a success.

  • Believe in your own abilities

boss2Never underestimate the power of confidence in improving your life. High levels of confidence make one happier and satisfied in work and personal life. It makes you believe that everything can be achieved in life you possess the qualities and the abilities to achieve what you want from life.

  • Be punctual

boss3Reaching late can cost you an opportunity of a lifetime. Conscientiousness is something one may not jot down in their new year resolutions list, but this is one trait that can determine your future. Some extra new year tips for the snoozers ? ― Habitual late comers should adjust their clocks ten minutes ahead or leave their house early to avoid getting late.

  • Read more

boss4For the bibliophiles, this one needs to go on the top of your New Year’s resolution list. In an era of e-books, hit the library to grab a copy of your favorite paperback novel and let that whiff of vanilla-ish scent from the books stimulate your senses as you make your way back in time. Try and read as much as you can. Make a goal and include your friends as well. Set a raelistic goal like- ‘ i will read at least 2 books a month’.

  • Stop procrastinating

boss1Procrastination is probably why you did not achieve your goals in 2016. Getting all the things done will be one of the things to do in new year. Again, set definite, realistic goals, while pushing your comfort zone. So while, ‘ learn drawing’ is too easy, , and ‘ learn drawing in 2 months’ too tough, a real goal like ‘ draw 3 times a week’ is achievable and moves you towards your goal of learning too.

  • Set one hour aside to work on your life goals

boss6A new year resolution is one thing. Your life goals are another.  Quit giving excuses that you are not able to work on things simply because you don’t have the time. Set aside at least an hour to work something you are passionate about ― learning a musical instrument, decorating your house, making more money etc. If you put that one crucial hour to yourself, you would have devoted 365 hours in 2017 towards it.

  • Be more grateful and enjoy the little things

boss5Did you know research has shown that practicing gratitude can increase your happiness quotient by up to 25%? The best way to show gratitude is to enjoy the beautiful morning which brings on a lot of promise and hope. A little random act of kindness can go a long way too.  Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life. Marvelling in the sights of nature, laughing more or going to a pet shop only to ‘awww’ over  cute puppies and kittens can certainly be a unique new year’s resolution.

A New Year is a blank book. Fill the first page with unique New Year’s resolutions list and spend the rest of the year accomplishing each one of the things you’ve written.





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