Keen-what? Pronounced as keen-wah and not kee-no-aa, this superhero food from South America has been at the center of the world’s most popular health foods.The Food and Agricultural Organization declared 2013 as the  for its highly impressive nutrition benefits.

Here are the 7 super reasons why you should be having quinoa Grain :

  • Quinoa : The super protein

The quinoa grain is deemed as a high protein quinoa for nothing. Quinoa contains more proteins than any other grains. It contains nine essential amino acids required by the body. This is the only food which provides all the nine amino acids other than egg. So one serving(30 gms) of quinoa is an excellent substitute for vegetarians and vegans to meet protein requirements.quinoa-dish

  • Highly nutritious

Quinoa grains are widely touted as excellent health foods due to its high nutrition content. (30 g) would  hold :

Proteins : 4.2 g
Fiber : 2.1 g

Cholesterol : 0 mg

Fats : 1.3 g

  • Natural appetite suppressant

Due to its high protein, high fiber and low calorie profile, eating quinoa helps to keep full for longer hours and acts as a natural appetite suppressant. A quinoa diet plan is steadily becoming a food craze for the dieters.

  • Antioxidant boost

The super protein food quinoa highlighting its anti-oxidative properties. The grain contains a good amount of phenols that kills free radicals in the blood stream. This helps to reverse the ageing process and keeps the skin younger.

  • Gluten free

Quinoa  is a pseudograin,  it is not associated to wheat grains, which makes it gluten free. A highly valuable substitute for gluten sensitive people. Due to the gluten-free and high protein content, many people who consumed quinoa showed weight loss.

  • Low glycemic index

The glycemic index of food shows how quickly blood sugar levels can be raised that can help in keeping metabolic disorders like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases in check. Quinoa has a glycemic index of 53 which is relatively low, though it is high in carbs.

  • Good riboflavin reserves

Quinoa is a good source of riboflavin i.e. vitamin B1 that helps in reducing migraine attacks by giving an energy boost to the brain and muscle cells.

The multiple benefits of quinoa makes this food a ‘must have’ in every diet. Available as red quinoa, black quinoa, organic quinoa , this food wonder can be mixed and matched in  a salad or add it to a pasta dish or to a soup as a thickener.  You can definitely have more fun with your food by making more quinoa recipes!

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