Too many clicks can jam your elbow. Swear! Your over enthusiasm for taking those Instagram and Snapchat perfect selfies can land you at the orthopedist’s clinic.  Selfie elbow is a   medical condition ladies. You may experience symptoms just like in tennis or golfer’s elbow without doing any real exercise or playing a sport.

What causes the selfie elbow?

Fairly obvious this one. Selfie elbow occurs when you repeatedly put stress on the tendons of the forearm while taking a selfie, repeating the same stance again and again. Symptoms of the selfie elbow are similar to tennis or golfer’s elbow like:

  • Pain on inside of the elbow that radiates to the wrist
  • Swelling around the elbow
  • Difficulty in gripping things like a cup or a jug

Since stopping the selfies altogether might be a no-go for you, we compiled a list of  some easy fixes to solve this condition. They are as follows:

  • Apply iceice

Putting an ice pack for 15 minutes over the swollen area around the elbow will reduce inflammation. It will also reduce muscle pain and spasm. Place a wet and cold piece of flannel on the affected area before you place the ice pack to avoid any skin damage.

  • Rest and stretchstretch

 Give your elbow a rest. Put your phone down. This will give the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the elbow some much needed rest. Do a simple stretching exercise like a wrist extensor stretch.

  • Extend your arm with palm facing upwards
  • Bend your wrists with the fingers pointing yo the floor
  • With the other arm, bend your palm until you feel a mild stretch in the elbow area
  • Hold for 15-30 seconds. Do 3-5 reps twice a day.
  • Alternate your armalernate-arm

If you still can’t put your phone down, take a selfie using your other arm instead. Remember to take rest after a few clicks. This will help balance the burden. Stretch your arms before you take a selfie to avoid your muscles from getting sore.

  • Use a selfie stickselfiestick

Yes! using the selfie stick can take off a lot of strain from the elbow due to the agonizing posture assumed while clicking a selfie. A selfie stick will allow the elbow to be placed in a more natural position, but it can still put a lot of pressure on the already injured muscles, so be careful!

  • Ask someone to click your pictureask-others-to-click

Yes, why not? Going old fashioned is ok in such extreme situations. Let someone click a pic for you. Surely it will receive the same likes and comments on social media. All you need is a good caption.  Hit Like!

  • Put your phone down.phonedown

It wouldn’t hurt if you didn’t click a selfie today. Put your phone down and enjoy the surrounding view and create memories for life. Surely you don’t need a camera for that.

Remember, no photo is worth that much pain.

You may take over the counter painkillers for relief.  If the pain still persists, visit your orthopedic or a physiotherapist.

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