Let’s get this fact straight. Nutella is not  health food. This deliciously creamy hazelnut-chocolate spread contains quite a lot of sugar and saturated fats. But let’s look at the goodness this chocolate-gasm in a jar holds. The mineral and vitamin content in a jar of nutella can make up for a fair amount of nutrition that can be included in your daily diet  in moderation. Here are some health benefits of nutella, that make it a not so unhealthy food,   you absolutely must know to save your skin while on a diet:

  • Fiber, Iron and Calcium

Nutella contains fiber which helps in smooth bowel movements and is an essential component for any healthy food. The hazelnut helps lower your cholesterol levels that can help in reducing cardiovascular risks. The iron and calcium content in a nutella spread increases oxygen carrying capacity of the red cells and preserves bone health respectively. Calcium also regulates blood pressure,  decreases risk of colon cancer and stroke.

  • Great after workouts

The high carbohydrate food can be used as a health food , as it is a source of nutrition, before, during or after a workout.  It can also be eaten as a recovery snack. Nutella helps to replenish the used glycogen stores while providing a constant source of energy.

  • Keeps you full

Lecithin, a soy extract found in nutella,  is high in proteins, calcium and iron helps in keeping you fuller for  longer. It also protects the bones and gives a good boost of energy.

  • Improves blood circulation and immunity

Cocoa, the real deal,  contains a good dose of antioxidants that help in controlling blood pressure and clotting. The hazelnuts also provide a valuable source of  mono and polyunsaturated fats that help in keeping the heart healthy,  Vitamin E for improving immunity and  Vitamin B for uplifting your mood. Now you know what makes you so happy after eating Nutella?!

  • Gluten free

Nutella does not contain the compound gluten. This protein alone can trigger immune reactions in those people who are sensitive to gluten. A Gastroenterology journal shows that the rates of  Celiac disease, caused by gluten have been increasing. It is safe to know that Nutella is gluten-free and can be consumed without any side effects.

Serving tips:

  • Include a moderate serving of Nutella to prevent future health risks.
  • Do not consume more than 9 tsp of Nutella for men and 6 tsp for women in a day as it is not exactly a health food.
  • Use a small serving of Nutella in yogurt to reap more health benefits. You may even add a fruit to the mix to make it healthier.

An occasional serving of Nutella isn’t harmful, limit yourself from consuming too much saturated fats and sugars from this addictive chocolatey spread.

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