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VISIT Assistant

- An Intelligent Health & Wellness Coach

Check Your Symptoms

Add your noticeable symptoms and precisely know the possible health conditions.

Track your Fitness Activity

Keep a track of your steps, calories burnt, sleep and get personalized insights based on your activity trends

Track your Food

Log your meals and get personalized recommendations based on your food habits.

Chronic care Management

Track your weight, blood sugar, blood pressure and understand your health trends

Your Personal Physician - Always there to help!

All your Health queries answered over Chat instantly by an Experienced Doctor

Based on your health condition, you are redirected to the most appropriate specialist for a treatment plan.

Provides you the quality information about uses, side effects and FAQ's of over 1 Lakh drugs.

Assists you in ordering your prescriptions right at your doorstep.

Assists you in requesting Diagnostic tests from our partners

Consult top Healthcare Specialists

Connect with top healthcare specialists over video/voice call within 30 minutes  
(50% off on your first consultation)








Preventive Cardiologists

Are you a specialist?

Join our panel of 500+ Specialists and connect with your patients anytime, anywhere over video/voice chat. Also grow your practice through VISIT's large pool of Corporate users.

Earn rewards for your achievements!

Stay motivated towards a healthy lifestyle. Get rewarded for staying active, completing your daily lifestyle tasks.

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Most of our users tried online consultations for the first time and they loved the experience.

"A superb app, great to have expert opinion at your finger tips. Gives u comfort to express your problems properly. Response is electric fast and detailed"

- Ravi Sinha, Corporate user

"One of the best apps that I have come across. It provided me instant consultation with medical experts in my time of need. A must recommended app."

- Manish Sirhindi, Corporate User

"The app is amazing, all the specialist also seem to be pretty good. It's amazing if you can get a professional advice without actually taking the trouble of going out in traffic and waiting in a que for hours"

- Nakul Maheshwari, VISIT User

" Very useful app. Doctor responded so many times without charging any fee. She patiently answered to all my doubts and clarified nicely. With this app., we can communicate with doctor any time without problem. Thank so much Dr. Renu. Wonderful app"

- Poornima Balya, VISIT User

"I was not aware that doctors are there to help you but I got prompt response and support from the doctors. So happy for the kind of service Visit app is providing and Thanks to cholamandalam health benefits for offering free health services through Visit app. I recommend you all to use this app for health benefits. Superb Job doctors"

- Shailesh Shukla

VISIT for your Organisation

VISIT empowers organisations enhance healthcare experience and optimise medical costs for all their employees.

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Your Personal Healthcare Assistant to help you with all your health queries and a tele-health platform to connect to Healthcare Specialists.

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