How it works?

Your Next Consultation is just a few clicks away.


Check your symptoms using our new Symptom Checker!

With our new Symptom Analysis Tool, you can self-understand your symptoms by answering a few questions to our chatbot.


Know the most probable conditions

Our AI chatbot analyses all the symptoms and answers submitted by you and provides you with the most accurate possible conditions and related information to read further.


Get Specialist Recommendations

Our AI-powered chatbot suggests appropriate specialists according to your diagnosis result.


Request Paid Visits with Specialists

You can connect with different Specialists and request for Video/Voice consultations anytime, anywhere.







Preventive Cardiologists



Connect over Video, Phone call in 30 minutes

Connect with Specialists directly over video sessions. In case of slow internet connection, you can connect over phone calls


Stay Connected Over chat

You remain connected with your specialist over chat for the next 7 days to follow-up on your treatment progress and get answers to any subsequent concerns.


Request Anytime, Anywhere

You can always request paid consultations directly with all the specialists. In case you are confused about your consultation, your Personal Doctor on Visit app can help you with your queries.

Know more about your consultations

E-prescriptions and Consultation Notes

Your consultations include e-Prescriptions and Consultation Notes directly delivered on the Visit app post consultation.

Carrier calling service for slow internet connectivity

In case of slow internet connectivity, we ensure you remain connected with your specialists over server-based carrier calls.

Completely Secure and Confidential

The documents and chats exchanged over our platform are encrypted using 256 bit end-to-end AES, TLS/SSL encryption. Visit platform is completely HIPAA Compliant and implements transmission security.

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