Visit offers next generation telehealth solution for reducing employer health care costs.


On-demand health care anywhere your employee needs it.

Quality care

Quality Care

Magical Experience

Magical Experience

Reduced Costs

Secure Technology


We help you keep your employees happy with efficient and cost-effective health care.

Quality Care

Quality Care

Your employees will benefit from high-quality health care with certified Specialists in our network.

  • Connect On-demand with a Specialist in 30 minutes – from desktop or smartphone.

  • Top rated specialists in India.

  • Unlimited access anywhere, anytime via text messages.

Economical Employee care

Economical Employee Care

Our intelligent model ensures that the best specialists don't cost more.

  • The average traditional health care visit is Rs. 1500, vs. Visit’s Rs. 800 per visit fee.

  • No hidden & fixed costs. Pay per member or pay per Visit.

  • Innovative Co-pay option for cost sharing between Employee & Employer.

High Utilization Rates

High Utilization Rates

Privacy & Confidentiality of care via Visit platform drastically increases utilization rates.

  • Our utilization rates range from 50-70% – versus 10-15% for traditional health specialists' clinics.

  • With traditional partnerships utilization rates as low as 10%, makes the effective cost of a specialist Visit Rs. 12000-15000.

  • High utilization leads to more expressive employees and a healthier work environment for the company.

Secure Technology

Secure Technology

Employees gain access to health care with convenience and security.

  • Enterprise-grade security to ensure user privacy.

  • Visit’s platform has been built by some of India’s top engineers and designers.

  • We’re focused on delivering a simple and intuitive experience for your employees — protected by world-class security and encryption.

Top Rated Customer Experience

Top Rated Customer Experience

  • Employees love the convenience, ease of use, and high-quality care.

  • A truely on-demand experience, reinventing health care.

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