Is Ayurveda truly meant for Healthy ‘Ayur’ (life)?

Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine stands as one of the oldest medical system known to humans. Widely followed and accepted by World Health Organization, the system has become widely popular and known for its effectiveness with no side effects. But do we know what we are embracing?

Is Old Really Gold?

The bhakhts claim that longevity of Ayurveda prove the efficacy and safety. But that is not entirely true. Ginger, turmeric, neem do have beneficial effects. But the plethora of herbs used under Ayurveda can prove to be harmful, if misused or by an amateur in incorrect manner.

The side effects can be lethal due to interaction with conventional meds, if ingested together!

What has Science got to say about it?


The system is primarily based on careful observations, with the main focus on individuality, even from treatment perspective. The principle ‘no one size fits all’ makes it impossible to validate the treatments. With difficulty of having the control group, there are only preliminary studies that have been conducted.

It’s better to be Safe

There are few points to always keep in mind, while adopting Ayurveda:

  • Don’t replace conventional medicine or a health care practitioner while going for Ayurvedic treatment.
  • If you are a carrying mommy or thinking of it for your child, do not think a second time before speaking to a health care expert.
  • While speaking to a doctor, ensure that you inform of all the integrative approaches, including Ayurveda. This will provide a holistic safety.

So, as the world braces to embrace, make an informed choice for your Ayur!

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