The cosmetic industry is a bizarre place that brings out one whacky procedure after another. Usually, most of these procedures are women centric like leech facials, vampire facelifts and invasive ones like dimple implants, vaginoplasty and hymenoplasty, but for men the beauty industry has come up with the oddest procedure yet  — Scrotox. Botox injections for the scrotum.

Botox injections consists of a powerful neurotoxin that blocks the chemical pathways and prevents wrinkling of the skin. Botox is commonly used in the form of dermal fillers or as lip injections to prevent facial wrinkling. The idea behind using botox injections is  to prevent the wrinkling that occurs over time as the scrotum expands and contracts with the differences in the external temperature making the outer skin loose, as elasticity is lost.

A New York board certified  plastic surgeon, Dr.John Mesa, MD who has performed this procedure on over 15 men is anticipating the numbers for this minimally invasive procedure increase by 2017.

It is technically more painful to inject botox in the scrotum than use it for the face or lips, but with the use of a topical anesthetic, the pain can be easily mitigated. The procedure also claims to make the testicles hang lower that makes them appear larger. This surgical procedure takes about 30 minutes. There has been no research whatsoever on the efficacy of using botox injections on the scrotum, so this is just a ‘hush-’hush’ form of beauty treatment at the moment.

Some men have claimed that this procedure has helped them improve  their sex life.

However, the effects of this procedure lasts for about 3 to 4 months and mind you, this procedure does not come cheap. Each session would push you back by $500 to $800. In UK, some plastic surgeons are charging as much as £3000 for one sitting.

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