Hurray! Ice cream lovers can rejoice. That drool worthy tub of ice cream is not only delicious, it has some real health benefits too. Ice cream is not technically health food, but this frozen sweet treat does have some pretty good dose of nutrients like vitamins, calcium, phosphorous and potassium.Yes it can occasionally be a part of your healthy diet too. While you run back to the kitchen to grab a dollop of some chocolate ice cream, we give you the benefits of eating ice cream and why it’s ok to get a bigger scoop without feeling guilty every once in a while.

  • Nutrients

Ice creams are basically dairy. So they contain lots of calcium which is good for bones and teeth and should be part of a healthy diet. It is also loaded with all sorts of vitamins you can think of ㅡ A,D,E,K,B1,B2,B3, B6,B12 Phew!. Vitamin A improves vision, Vit D helps calcium absorption, Vitamin K is helpful for blood clotting. Vitamin B12 is good for the nerves and so are Vit B1,B2 and B3. As it contains high amounts of sugar, it provides a lot of energy too. Calcium also helps protect the colon from certain forms of cancer. How cool is that!

  • Helps in weight loss

Our body has a tendency to warm up all the cold things that enter the body. So, eating frozen ice cream will increase the body temperature and burn calories. So, having ice cream in moderation can help you lose some pounds. Logic.

Remember, the the key here is ㅡ M-O-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N.icecream1

  • Makes you happy

What is stressed spelled backwards ㅡ Desserts!

Ice cream contains serotonin, the happiness hormone, that helps in sleep, learning and uplifts a sullen mood. Another chemical called dopamine is released that helps in pleasure and elation. A study showed that as soon as the participants swallowed ice cream, there was an instant effect in the orbito-frontal cortex, an area in the brain associated with happiness and pleasure. So it may not be a regular part of your healthy diet, but surely will lift you up!

Had a tiring day? Tough Break up? Grab a bowl NOW !icecream3

  • Improves your sex drive

Need help between the sheets? Welcome ice cream. The levels of calcium and phosphorous help to build up the reserved muscle energy and increase your libido. If you are a woman, choose vanilla over others.

We are not urging you to eat as much ice cream as you want, but eating anything in moderation hasn’t harmed anybody yet.Still pondering over getting seconds of that delicious Rocky Road or Belgian Chocolate?

Now that you know the benefits of eating desserts, also read why eating breakfast is important to begin your day.

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