Every married woman has only one thought before sleeping ― “What should I cook tomorrow?”. If it is a working woman, she would be probably be wondering, “What recipes will save me time?”, “What healthy snacks can I make?”. All said and done, it does take time in the kitchen to prepare a scrumptious dabba for her husband, kids and herself. While everyone is aware of the health benefits home cooked meals offer, no one really wishes to slog the entire day in the kitchen.  The best bet is to cook something that is healthy too and even quicker to prepare. Another problem is to make healthy snacks for kids, as well as other healthy recipes that everyone will like. We’ve got these 7 good healthy snacks recipes when your mornings are busy and evenings weary. And they all can made under 7 minutes!

  • Egg Bhurji/Scrambled eggs

Eggs are the perfect way to save your day when your morning turns into a mini marathon where you’ve woken up late, need to get the kids ready for school and prepare breakfast for the family! Eggs are loaded with proteins, fat, minerals, and just about all vitamins. Make some scrambled eggs with toast or egg bhurji for the masala lover. You can even boil or poach them and have it with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Learn how to make scrambled eggs in a mug from this  Video.

  • Fruit smoothieFruit smoothie

For the 11 am hunger pangs. A fruit smoothie will replenish you on the nutrients as well as on the sugar and hydrate you. Blend just about any fruits of your choice with some milk and ice. You may add some chia seeds too. Slurrp!

  • Oats poha

One of the low fat, healthy recipes you ought to try. This dish scores high on the health quotient with its good amounts of carbs and fibre. Try this mouth watering masala oats recipe.

  • Tender coconut shakecoconut

In the scorching summer heat, only one thing can cool you down. Coconuts!  Take 1 cup of coconut water, 1//2 a cup of tender coconut, some sugar and ice and blend it. Serve immediately with some more crushed ice on top.

  • Lemon ricelemon-rice

Got some left over rice? Make a quick healthy recipe by sputtering mustard seeds, cumin seeds,groundnut, bengal gram, red chillies, curry leaves, asafoetida in a pan. Add the zest of one lemon and the leftover rice along with 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Easy.

  • Vegetable sandwichsandwich

One can never go wrong with sandwiches. Found in every corner of town, you can make a healthier version of this street food by using brown bread and your choice of veggies to prepare a multi-deckered sub. Stay away from the cheese and mayo and you are one step closer to weight loss.

  • Buttered cornbutter-corn

When you think of healthy snacks, think corn. Boil a corn cob with salt in a large pot. When the corn is done add butter, salt, chilli powder and some cilantro on it. You may choose to eat it on the cob or by separating the kernels in a bowl. Your choice.

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