Ever since Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh revealed his new look for his upcoming movie, everybody wants to grow a beard. More than a fashionable trend, it has become an uber cool style statement for men today. However, this also comes with its own set of problems ㅡ Beard itch and itchy skin.beard

So now your scratchy mane is coming between keeping your chic look and being driven to the edge of madness so much that you want to shave it right off. Shaving it off you say? Well, your girlfriend isn’t too pleased with the idea. So what can you do?

Easy there tiger. Our team has the best solution to keep the itch at bay.

But why does it itch so much?

It is largely due to shaving. Each time you shave, the razor cuts through the beard hair, it cuts them in such a way that it leaves behind sharp edges. With beard growth, these edges irritate the skin making them itchy. The reason for residual dry skin under beard and moustache is the dead skin cells that get collected like dust particles making the skin dry and scratchy.


Ways to get rid of beard itch

  • Clean it regularly

Just like how you wash your clothes clean in a washing machine, your beard should be cleaned regularly. Simply put, it is a storehouse for bacteria, debris and food particles. Clean your beard every other day with a shampoo and rinse with warm water. You can aslo try using a beard oil.

  • Use a beard conditioner

Yes, such a thing exists. Using a beard conditioner will provide the necessary hydration the skin needs. A good conditioner can also be the best beard softener for your facial mane that will make it more manageable and reduce split ends.

Something to remember, you can use the same conditioner and shampoo as the one for your hair. Our advice is to invest in a special beard shampoo with a beard conditioner to make your beard softer. Would you like your beard hair to smell the same as your head hair or your girlfriend/wife’s hair products? Your pick.

  • Moisturize

Always. A good beard conditioner may not always help. Here’s where your beard oil comes in. Ensure you invest in good beard oil to moisturize skin under beard. Need a tip? Apply a small amount of beard oil on the hair and wrap it in a hot hand towel. Repeat when the towel cools for the next 30 minutes and rinse off with cold water. Don’t forget to thank us.

  • Trim

After the regular washing- conditioning- moisturizing routine, it is time to give it a trim. A trim, not a shave! Using a hair plucker or tweezers to remove facial hair growth to control the wild crop will give a neat look. Use some high end electric trimmers for a more even cut.

  • Brush

Regular brushing will make the hair softer, reduce split ends and will allow growth in one direction and reduce itching too. Dry your hair after you’ve had a shower, apply some beard oil and then brush it.  Just any brush won’t do, invest in a good quality hair brush instead of borrowing your wife’s or girlfriend’s.

Hair is hair. Whether it is on your scalp or your face, it needs nutrition. Add proteins, zinc, iron in your diet. Include a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids to prevent hair from becoming dry and brittle.

Remember gentlemen, a well kept beard can turn heads.

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