The secret to that dream bikini body could be lying there in your fridge or in the fruits section in your grocery store. A new Polish research puts raspberries at the very top of the superfoods for this year.

A superfood functions the same way as a dynamo in a bicycle ― it provides energy. In the body, their functions are as follows-

  • Reducing cholesterol levels
  • Improving eyesight
  • Aiding bone formation
  • Preventing chronic illnesses.
  • Some superfoods also help in weight loss and in maintaining your physique.

The Polish study published in the journal Open Chemistry found that berries ― red raspberry, common  blackberry and black raspberry showed high amounts of antioxidants, which help in maintaining overall health. The team studied a variant of Black raspberry called Rubus Occidentalis which grows in Central Europe. They compared the properties of  substances called phenolics and anthocyanins of black raspeberries with other varieties of red raspberries and blackberries. The researchers found the black raspberries showed thrice the amount of antioxidants. For phenolics, the black raspberry toppled its cousins by over a 1000 percent.

The antioxidant activities of these fruits have a direct relationship with their fitness maintaining activities. Antioxidants in the diet, help inhibit the production of free radicals, that are formed when energy is produced in the cell. These free radicals can further lead to chain reactions that damage cells.

This relatively less popular berry is packed with antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties. Moreover, black raspberries contain secondary metabolites which have added health benefits. Anthocyanins, for example  could help prevent certain forms of cancer.

Get that glow back on your face by eating just a handful of raspberries each day. Adding a black raspberry supplement in your daily workout routine could help you achieve your fitness goals. It makes for great snack after a vigorous swim. A raspberry diet for athletes and sportspersons could help in early recovery and improved sports performance.

Superfoods sure do not cure immunological illnesses, but this one is here to stay and fight them too perhaps.

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