For consumers in India, accessing quality healthcare is inconvenient, confusing, and expensive. For their practitioners, delivering it can be equally frustrating. Both sides struggle with a system that makes it hard to control when and where the care occurs, and on whose terms. There exist various roadblocks in the delivery of healthcare today — booking an OPD appointment, in-clinic waiting, inability to get in-house Doctor visits and privacy concerns/stigmas associated with visiting particular types of practitioners like Therapists, Counselors and Dermatologists. There is no single fix for Indian healthcare, but its hard to imagine a world where technology in healthcare that connects consumers to high-quality care (anytime, anywhere) isn’t a crucial part of the solution.

Visit aims to put convenience back into the hands of consumers and practitioners with an On-demand healthcare platform. We are reinventing the traditional practitioner-client relationship with a Telemedicine App that lets you “Push a button and see a practitioner over Video within 30 minutes”. After the “visit” you can follow up with your practitioner for up to 7 days using our secure encrypted Chat service. We are putting the practitioner in your pocket, literally.

How Visit Works

Visit starts with a vertical which has been neglected more often than not, due to social stigma. Anxiety, depression, mood disorders — such mental issues  affect millions of Indians and cost Indian employers billions in lost productivity. This is not realized and nutrition/daily lifestyle issues/health tips are the most discussed issues. Unfortunately, while millions experience these issues, access to effective healthcare via free chat is often the biggest hurdle. Our App opens a portal to access top therapists from across India without the hassle of fixing appointments or having your patience measured waiting at the counselors’ office, all this at a standardized price.

Statistics show that the demand for Mobile health or is growing faster than ever and the possibilities are endless. We are only getting started with the first step towards our goal of making new healthcare technology convenient and accessible for a Billion Indians. That’s our vow, that’s our game!

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